My Yukon Life can only succeed with support from the show’s fans. Though I have not created any new content since November of 2013, the show still has a strong fan base. My goal is to grow that fan base and make the show self-supporting. I’ve never charged for any of the shows and I never will. However, to make it possible for me to create new content, I need to be compensated for the enormous amount of work and the costs involved to produce each episode.

The first incarnation of My Yukon Life was a podcast show, and each episode took me around 20 hours to produce and that didn’t include my travel time to the various locales around the Yukon. As a video channel, I expect it will take me at least that long to produce each show.

How can you help? Financial donations are great, of course, but that’s not possible for everyone. The last thing I want is for someone who is already stretched thin to overextend themselves by donating to the show. I’ve come up with four ways that viewers can support the show and two of them won’t cost a dime.

Here’s how you can support My Yukon Life and help keep the show going strong:

Click Here

Thank you!
Jennifer Hawks, Host & Creator of My Yukon Life