Norman Winther: The Last Trapper


Norman Winther is a longtime trapper in a remote area of the Yukon. His adventurous life was the subject of the film, The Last Trapper which features Norman who plays himself. My Yukon Life host Jennifer Hawks sits down with Norman to discuss the film and find out more about the man and his life on the trapline.

This show was originally broadcast on June 13, 2011 as a live podcast.

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Join Us for the Premiere of My Yukon Life on YouTube!


I hope you’ll join me tomorrow evening at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific on My Yukon Life’s YouTube channel for the premiere episode. There will be a live chatroom during the show that you can join in if you wish.

My special guest is Norman Winther who stars as himself in The Last Trapper, a docu-drama about the bond between a man and his sled dogs and living off the land. My interview with him was originally broadcast as a podcast in 2011, but it remains just as relevant today. And, I’ve added video footage and photos for the rebroadcast.

Another reason to not miss the show is that one of the musical guests is Kim Beggs who happens to be my very favorite Yukon musician. Here’s Kim’s website– be sure to check out her music:

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Here’s the YouTube channel:

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My Yukon Life is Back!


Hello and Welcome Back to My Yukon Life!

First, a little history…

I debuted My Yukon Life on March 7, 2011 on BlogTalkRadio as a live podcast. I was a nervous wreck. Much to my surprise, it attracted a number of listeners who were immediately excited about the content. The following week I interviewed my first guest; writer, photographer, and all-around Yukon expert Murray Lundberg.

Each week I produced a new episode and My Yukon Life steadily attracted more listeners from all over the world. Guests included dog mushers, musicians, artists, bush pilots, and many other fascinating individuals as well as unique Yukon events.

Eventually, I changed the show format from live to pre-recorded episodes that I posted on My Yukon Life’s website in order to improve the quality of the content. I also invested in professional hardware and software equipment. Each episode took me about 20 hours to produce from start to finish, not including my travel time. It was an enormous effort, and I have never charged for a single episode of My Yukon Life, and I never will. But eventually, the amount of work that I put into the show forced me to reduce it to monthly episodes. However, after the 98th episode, I had to accept that the pace was still too difficult for me to maintain. At that point, I put the show on hiatus.

And now, in the early part of 2020, My Yukon Life is back. I have chosen to reformat the show once again, making it a video program to provide visuals as well as audio. For the time being, I will rerelease the original podcasts as videos on YouTube, supplemented with still images. If I gain enough financial support from subscribers, I will begin creating new content. If I do not reach my support goals, I will not be able to continue the show. More on how you can help me create new content shortly.

For now, have a look around at the new website and like our Facebook page if you have not already so that you don’t miss out on exciting announcements.


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